Better Pictures of my Gift Boxes!

So I finally got my camera charged and the forgotten pictures removed from the memory card today. Can you believe I had unseen pics in there from Christmas?! Well believe it, but they’re taken care of now.. phew!

I took some time to sit down and do a few pictures of a selection of my favorite boxes that I’ve made so far. Yesterday’s post was really just a kick in the pants so I’d finally get this task done! Well it worked and here are the fruits of my labor!


This one reminds my of neopolotin ice cream from when I was a kid!


Cupcakes you say? Yes!


Some have ribbons..


..and some have tags.


And some are even bags!


So what do you think? Who wants cute little boxes? I can do custom orders and I am always trying new things. Shoot me an email and lets dialogue!

Happy Gifting!
– Jessanne


Author: Jessanne S.

I am a fiber artist and stay at home mom. But that terribly underplays who I really am! I grew up as a rebellious girl and i have matured into a rebellious woman! No rules! Who needs them? I was told once (or maybe twice) when I was young that I was an "up start", or an imp. Well, I agree. So here we are with the namesake of my new blog where I will feature my work, learn, take new paths, and all that stuff! There are so many gorgeous blogs, artists and publications out there that I barely get a chance to create with all that eye candy!

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