Small Studio; Perfect For Me!


I’ve been really busy this week with a bunch of craziness that I couldn’t do much about! Don’t you loathe that? Things spiral out of control without asking for your permission and land wherever they want.. Usually just short of insurmountable. I stick my tongue out at all of it! Today I sat down in my studio, just a small 5×7 foot closet, and decided to try and tidy up. I lacked the inspiration to create and sometimes simply cleaning will spark my interest or kick up the creative juices. Eventually I found myself relaxing in just a little while and able to meditate and reflect. Afterward I felt like a new person, which was exactly what I needed!

Despite it being a small studio and craft space it suits me just fine. I go in and find the respite I need and surround myself with the clutter of things that keep me happy. Stacked to nearly the ceiling and every corner with cubbyholes, push pins and post-it notes, I can reach everything I need (almost without moving!) from my oversized spinning chair to make art.


I will, eventually, jazz it up (little by little) to get it more like the beautiful space I envision. But for now I am happy and content just having my little closet size studio with small luxuries. It’s always nice to remind myself just how lucky I am, especially when I’m having One Of Those days!

Happy R & R,
– Jessanne

Author: Jessanne S.

I am a fiber artist and stay at home mom. But that terribly underplays who I really am! I grew up as a rebellious girl and i have matured into a rebellious woman! No rules! Who needs them? I was told once (or maybe twice) when I was young that I was an "up start", or an imp. Well, I agree. So here we are with the namesake of my new blog where I will feature my work, learn, take new paths, and all that stuff! There are so many gorgeous blogs, artists and publications out there that I barely get a chance to create with all that eye candy!

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