Moving, What a Load of Beans!

I have been such a busy lady! I want to tell my readers why I had so long a break, especially right after I was gaining momentum. So take a moment, if you will, and find out why life can seem like a delicate flower and should be given proper appreciation when it blooms!

Way back in August a crazy thing happened to me.. I started to go blind.


Read about it and more images after the jump!

It happened very suddenly, I notice my left eye gets this fuzzy/static-like distortion in my peripheral vision. This was a very unsettling thing to happen. Even more unsettling though was that it continued to worsen and over the course of a couple of days I could no longer chalk it up to stress or happenstance. After a string of doctors, neurologists, an opthamologist, MRIs, a lumbar punture, and a couple of hospital stays (not to mention enough corticosteroid infusions to kill a horse!) and I still don’t have all the answers. Or a diagnosis.. Yet. Suffice to say that what I had was called optic neuritis, and it turns out it has a strong link to MS (multiple sclerosis). The good news is that by now most of my vision has returned, since I’m such a stubborn woman after all, and I jumped right back on the horse and started in on a Super Fun Family Moving Time!

So during all of that wonderful fun I was having my Mom & Dad decided to pick up their stuff, the teenager & the cat and move across town. (Ahem.. my Mom *cough* is an artist too and has *cough* TONS of supplies!) Now let me be clear, this was a wonderful thing to have happen for them and I couldn’t be more excited by their “new” house, but the universe sure does have a way with timing, doesn’t it?!

But we got it done! One evening when I was over and all the boxes had made it into the new house, I was painting the vintage Montgomery Ward cabinets to touch up and make the rust spots disappear. I had already done my best to unpack the food and kitchen supplies and put them into some sort of order. Mom had gone off to the grocery and when she returned she had just a BOAT LOAD of beans. I had already noted that she’d amassed quite the collection since I had put them in the cupboard in the first place, so this newest batch would be well met in the cabinet! But seriously, look at this! TEN (10!) cans, a bag of dried peas, even coffee beans! Hah!


I really got a good giggle out of snapping this shot on my phone! We both did!


This shot I took the other day after getting the bookshelf into the corner of the kitchen to try and add a little flair to the functional space. It’s taken a bit of TLC to get this “charming” kitchen some personality!

Onward and upward though, there is still a lot to do. And so much to blog! I’ve been all over the place since I regained my vision and most of it has included some interesting art projects. Must blog blog blog! I will keep updating you on the progress of the Super Fun Family Move Time and show you our little found treasures along the way! Love you, Ma!

– Jessanne


Author: Jessanne S.

I am a fiber artist and stay at home mom. But that terribly underplays who I really am! I grew up as a rebellious girl and i have matured into a rebellious woman! No rules! Who needs them? I was told once (or maybe twice) when I was young that I was an "up start", or an imp. Well, I agree. So here we are with the namesake of my new blog where I will feature my work, learn, take new paths, and all that stuff! There are so many gorgeous blogs, artists and publications out there that I barely get a chance to create with all that eye candy!

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