An Excerpt on Gadgets; iPhone 5

So I work..
So I work..
So I work..

Hi there from UpStartArt! Right now, as I type, I am sitting at my desk watching the Keynote presentation about the iPhone5.. and trying not to drool too much on my keyboard. Don’t worry I’ve got tissues. I am going to get one of these, I have a phone upgrade coming the 25th of this month!

First, let me tell you a little secret about myself. I am a big time gadget enthusiast. Yes, that’s right, I just LOVE gadgets. I wouldn’t go so far as to sell my soul for them, but I admit that I have though about it. ;)

Three months ago I upgraded from my early adopter iPad 1 (loved it!) and was able to get the New iPad (love it more!!). Incidentally, my son inherited the iPad 1 and has benefitted greatly with many of the educational apps. Following that, just 2 weeks ago, I got my first iMac. Having been a PC girl for the 15 years I have used, and worked with computers, this is all new territory for me.. Sort of. My IOS devices have been a launch pad into this new world. The “PC Free” revolution that began with the iPad has changed the face of computing in so many ways. People from all backgrounds, economic and social, have been able to adopt a new way of accessing the Internet, information, and social media. Connectivity and information exchange is at an all time high while wearing a new face in these sleek little devices. For myself, and many others, the tablet is the catalyst to a new freedom in the “PC Free” world. My high quality gaming laptop began gathering dust and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been able to re-focus my priorities and become a more productive artist, blogger, and photographer. I don’t feel weighed down by the technology I’ve always loved so much. Instead, it compliments what I already want to do. I have a new interface to the world and I am excited to share it with you.

So take a moment and check out this new lusty iPhone 5! Here’s the link, and get your tissue boxes too! ;)

I’ve been very fortunate, recently. I’ve turned my entire life around in many refreshing and exciting ways. I’ve got a full plate and I am happy. What’s next for me? I think I will pick something off the plate. Cheers!

– Jessanne, an UpStart at Heart


Author: Jessanne S.

I am a fiber artist and stay at home mom. But that terribly underplays who I really am! I grew up as a rebellious girl and i have matured into a rebellious woman! No rules! Who needs them? I was told once (or maybe twice) when I was young that I was an "up start", or an imp. Well, I agree. So here we are with the namesake of my new blog where I will feature my work, learn, take new paths, and all that stuff! There are so many gorgeous blogs, artists and publications out there that I barely get a chance to create with all that eye candy!

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