Granny Square Baby Blanket


It started when I finally learned how to crochet ( the right way!). I wanted to make a granny square baby blanket for my friends that were just recently married so badly that I finally forced myself to learn. And thanks to YouTube and some innumerable tutorials I did just that! Let the stacks of granny squares begin!


I got them all laid out to my satisfaction after doing a 6×8 configuration and began joining them. It only took me about 10 days to get all the squares made that I needed. I used a single crochet joining method that is fairly basic and something I could quickly get my head around. I did a two round granny stripe around the outside. And…


Now it’s all done! I just have to wrap it all up and deliver it sneakily to a certain doorstep I know of! Have you ever crocheted a blanket?


Author: Jessanne S.

I am a fiber artist and stay at home mom. But that terribly underplays who I really am! I grew up as a rebellious girl and i have matured into a rebellious woman! No rules! Who needs them? I was told once (or maybe twice) when I was young that I was an "up start", or an imp. Well, I agree. So here we are with the namesake of my new blog where I will feature my work, learn, take new paths, and all that stuff! There are so many gorgeous blogs, artists and publications out there that I barely get a chance to create with all that eye candy!

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