It’s Owl Good


It’s Owl or Nothing! I’m having a temporary owl attack. The only way to cure my owlienation is to owllow all of you to have some too! Hehehe, check out these finds I dug up today! Mostly on Etsy, some handmade and fun Owl treats!

Link List:

1. Vintage Cast Iron OWL Lantern by LuckySevenVintage on Etsy, $40.00
2. Handmade Owl Backpack Green Polkadot by MaryLeeSonke on Etsy, $48.00
3. Vintage Woven Owl Trivet/Tray by studioVB on Etsy, $8.00
4. Wall Hook Bright Pink Owl /Ornate /CottageShabby by AquaXpressions, $14.99
5. Girls Acorn Owl Poncho Size 2 4 by MadhatterHatBoutique on Etsy, $80.00
6. Ceramic Vintage Lantern Owl Bright Yellow by modclay on Etsy, $45.00
7. Soft Felt Christmas Ornament Owl Decor Instant by OrdinaryMommy, $110.00
8. Jute Owl Wall Hanging by Dolls Of India
9. Short green macrame owl earrings by creationsmariposa on Etsy, $18.00


Painted Letters Color Blind


I few weeks ago I bought a whole bunch of painted MDF letters out of the cheap bins at my local craft store. They were bright and punchy colors! Hot pink, orange, blue, red, and white! All of them went really well in my house and I’ve had fun spelling words with my son and leaving meaningless words all over the house to be seen.


I thought even more colors would be a good idea, don’t you agree? I have enough that I can change a few letters and add more color variety to the already fun selection. So the E is going aqua, (actually I think the acrylic color name is “Cloudless”).


And here is an S that is going to turn “Green Apple”, oh the envy of the other letters! It’s a fun project to distract myself, and I get to add even more fun and color to the grey fall days around here. What are you doing to scratch your artistic itch? Post a comment and tell me!


Also I am finishing up a hand painted birthday card for my friend’s 1 year old on September 23rd! It’s belated but it will still be fun to send it along! She’ll be making a scrap book from all the cards she received from her daughter’s Card Shower! I love the idea and I have to get it done! More pictures when I get a chance.

Happy thoughts to everyone, and don’t be shy to send some my way! Even if I can’t see straight (optic neuritis has struck again!), I’m sitting here breaking all the rules that I can in the realm of art.. I sure hope you are too!


A Card Shower


A friend of mine is having a card shower for her beautiful baby who is just about to turn one! I think it is such a lovely idea! What a sweet thing for a mom to do for her little one. I’ll bet that looking back on all the memories and sentiments within the cards will be a great way to spend a future afternoon.

Well.. inspiration finally struck for what I might do with the card! Above is just a little sneak peek! A tutorial and more pictures in the next day!



New Artful Blogging Magazine

New Artful Blogging Magazine!

I’m excited that I got my hands on the new Artful Blogging magazine. One of my most favorite



I’m so excited that yesterday I got my hands on the new “Artful Blogging” magazine, by Stampington & Company. Checkout to see more issues and even get the ones you missed!

In this issue my favorite artist and blogger, Ishtar Olivera, is inside! With all of her wonderful little creations, from stamp carving to miniatures and doll house creations it is hard to ever get bored looking at her work!

Just have a little peek!



Washi tape is a great addition to the art world. It’s easy to use, fun to apply, and full of potential. There’s a lot of washi tape art out there these days, but in my humble opinion, Ishtar Olivera does it with real flair and an inspiring touch.



So get your hands on the newest edition of Artful Blogging and soak up the inspiration inside. Without the artistic and creative inspiration inside magazines and art blogs none of my mornings (or afternoons!) would be quite as pleasant!






An Excerpt on Gadgets; iPhone 5

So I work..
So I work..

Hi there from UpStartArt! Right now, as I type, I am sitting at my desk watching the Keynote presentation about the iPhone5.. and trying not to drool too much on my keyboard. Don’t worry I’ve got tissues. I am going to get one of these, I have a phone upgrade coming the 25th of this month!

First, let me tell you a little secret about myself. I am a big time gadget enthusiast. Yes, that’s right, I just LOVE gadgets. I wouldn’t go so far as to sell my soul for them, but I admit that I have though about it. ;)

Three months ago I upgraded from my early adopter iPad 1 (loved it!) and was able to get the New iPad (love it more!!). Incidentally, my son inherited the iPad 1 and has benefitted greatly with many of the educational apps. Following that, just 2 weeks ago, I got my first iMac. Having been a PC girl for the 15 years I have used, and worked with computers, this is all new territory for me.. Sort of. My IOS devices have been a launch pad into this new world. The “PC Free” revolution that began with the iPad has changed the face of computing in so many ways. People from all backgrounds, economic and social, have been able to adopt a new way of accessing the Internet, information, and social media. Connectivity and information exchange is at an all time high while wearing a new face in these sleek little devices. For myself, and many others, the tablet is the catalyst to a new freedom in the “PC Free” world. My high quality gaming laptop began gathering dust and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been able to re-focus my priorities and become a more productive artist, blogger, and photographer. I don’t feel weighed down by the technology I’ve always loved so much. Instead, it compliments what I already want to do. I have a new interface to the world and I am excited to share it with you.

So take a moment and check out this new lusty iPhone 5! Here’s the link, and get your tissue boxes too! ;)

I’ve been very fortunate, recently. I’ve turned my entire life around in many refreshing and exciting ways. I’ve got a full plate and I am happy. What’s next for me? I think I will pick something off the plate. Cheers!

– Jessanne, an UpStart at Heart

Summer Fades to September

Summer Fades to September

This Lobelia is still pretty in the sunshine and looks nice filtered with instagram! I’ve got a new Pinterest account going as well. Here are the links for those of you wanting to look!



Summer Fades to September

This Lobelia is still pretty in the sunshine and looks nice filtered with Instagram! I’ve got a new Pinterest account going as well. Here are the links for those of you wanting to look!



Stamp Carving – Go Fly A Kite!

It’s nearing the end of summer but I am still full of whimsical ideas. In order to muster up some inspiration on a rainy day last week I thought I’d sit down in my studio and carve another stamp. I’ve already used the Speedball material, (that cute pink stuff you can get in the craft stores), and found that it was really easy to work with and fun! But I’ve been wanting to try to carve stamps out of rubber erasers because, a) I had some on hand, and b) it’s more economical and has the potential to be a recycling thing!


So I started with a simple doodle of a kite. I transferred the pencil drawing onto the eraser by positioning it over the stamp, face down, and burnishing to transfer some of the graphite onto the surface of the eraser. I went back over the transferred lines in pencil and there I had it, a kite on an eraser.

Next I simply used my carving tools (also available in your local craft store) to carve away the areas around my doodle to leave the kite in relief for stamping.

After I’d carved my kite into existence, I cut off any excess parts of eraser with an X-acto knife and saved the unused portions of eraser. These will make good little stamps later on.

I tested out my results! Well.. looks like a kite to me! Haha. I can see a couple of spots that will need a little more carving down or cleaning up in order to stay out of the stamped results.

I found that carving on rubber eraser (easy to get large ones in discount bins since it is Back To School season!) is nearly as easy as carving on the pink stuff. So get a couple of simple tools, hunt down your old and partially used erasers, and try your hand at stamp carving!

Keep Smiling!
– Jessanne S.