Resist This! Painting on masking tape and finding my home style!


Yesterday I started masking out my first ever resist painting. I’ve been seeing Pins go by on Pintrest about it and how simple and fun a way it is to decorate your home! I want art everywhere! I’ve been on a mission to make my home more to my personal taste and liking. I’ve been getting rid of things that I don’t really need or want, and particularly things that don’t reflect my personal style!


I love things on strings and old beat up suitcases! My friend, Juniper, gave me that suitcase many years ago and I always think of her when I see it. It has very real value to me!

As a result of my efforts it’s looking a lot more like what I want it to look like around here.I don’t know about you but my life gets cluttered up pretty quickly. With kids, a cat, and my hubby there always seems to be an endless supply of things to pick up!


This picture isn’t the best, but I wanted to show off my piles of mail and of course all the art and letters littering my space. It feels like home! And when your house feels like home, it makes it easier to feel inspired and create.

So what is your home style? Do you make art at home? Talk to me and tell me what makes you happy!

– Jessanne S


An Accidental Collaboration


Today I was rooting around in my studio, puttering while trying to figure out what I wanted to work on. I came across something that I rescued from the garbage during my mom’s big move last October. (And it’s been that long since I blogged! Holy cow I’ve been busy!) She had this piece of muslin covered in paint and crayon rubbings… but it hadn’t turned out the way she wanted and it was worth culling out of the collection. All those things that accumulate in our art studios! You know how that is!

But to me it looked like a little treasure so I snagged it up and let it sit in my studio until it found a purpose. I saw the ocean in it, all the swirling colors reminded me of a coral reef. So I added a drawing on the bottom in Prisma Color pencils to give it the final touch. I am pondering whether I should mat and frame it or find some other way to mount it.. what do you think?!

Hello from the new UpStartArt Blog!


Welcome to UpStartArt Blog! I’ll be your resident UpStart bringing you creations of my own and inspirational snippets from all over the web and my own local surroundings! From paper to leather, vintage or new, I love it all. So many things can easily brighten a creative moment for me or give me the inspiration I need to get my rear in gear on a project. Maybe some of the things that get me up and going can help you too!

Be an UpStart and let’s all get up and start some Art!

Fondest Wishes To You,