Painted Letters Color Blind


I few weeks ago I bought a whole bunch of painted MDF letters out of the cheap bins at my local craft store. They were bright and punchy colors! Hot pink, orange, blue, red, and white! All of them went really well in my house and I’ve had fun spelling words with my son and leaving meaningless words all over the house to be seen.


I thought even more colors would be a good idea, don’t you agree? I have enough that I can change a few letters and add more color variety to the already fun selection. So the E is going aqua, (actually I think the acrylic color name is “Cloudless”).


And here is an S that is going to turn “Green Apple”, oh the envy of the other letters! It’s a fun project to distract myself, and I get to add even more fun and color to the grey fall days around here. What are you doing to scratch your artistic itch? Post a comment and tell me!


Also I am finishing up a hand painted birthday card for my friend’s 1 year old on September 23rd! It’s belated but it will still be fun to send it along! She’ll be making a scrap book from all the cards she received from her daughter’s Card Shower! I love the idea and I have to get it done! More pictures when I get a chance.

Happy thoughts to everyone, and don’t be shy to send some my way! Even if I can’t see straight (optic neuritis has struck again!), I’m sitting here breaking all the rules that I can in the realm of art.. I sure hope you are too!