Getting knitty with it

I’d like to preface this post by saying I am not a blogger. By that I mean that I stink at keeping this thing going! I’m so busy making all the time that it is a “point my phone at it and take a pic” for Instagram if I’m lucky! ūüėĄ so now that I’ve said that I want to talk YaRN!
I make yarn like this:

And I also make yarn like this:

These are obviously two different beasts all together! I won’t bore you yet¬†with the technical details of How¬†it is done because I want to talk about knitting with my own handspun! For a very long while I could only crochet. I love crochet, don’t get me wrong, but the resulting fabric isn’t able to showcase a color gradient or the finer details of an art yarn as well. So I had to learn!!

It took forever until someone said some magic words and suddenly it all clicked. It is truly amazing when that little thread of information gets woven into your psyche and the Aha¬†moment takes hold. So now I think I’ve got this down as a newbie and I’m finally braving my own handspun wool yarns. It is a real treat too, check out the beginning of the¬†bell cape I’m designing as I go.




Some of the yarns may or may not work as I hope they will together but the only way to find out is to go forward!



Thanks for reading :)


  • Jessanne

Knitting Mice; Handmade Plushies


This spring I came down with a bug, a knitting bug! I scored a bunch of fabulous multi-colored yarns in exciting and punchy colors at my local craft store and a wonder knitter, since then it’s been so much fun!



From coasters to little furbabies (mouse stuffies) I’ve been knitting away and having a blast. And for whatever reason i only ever get the urge to knit when the weather is warm so scarves are out of the question, haha!


Since I can’t read a pattern to save my life I always come up with my own! Rules are meant to be broken. I am also working on a rug, slowly it will emerge and hopefully that will be my next post!
Have a lovely day!

– Jessanne

A Card Shower


A friend of mine is having a card shower for her beautiful baby who is just about to turn one! I think it is such a lovely idea! What a sweet thing for a mom to do for her little one. I’ll bet that looking back on all the memories and sentiments within the cards will be a great way to spend a future afternoon.

Well.. inspiration finally struck for what I might do with the card! Above is just a little sneak peek! A tutorial and more pictures in the next day!



Stamp Carving – Go Fly A Kite!

It’s nearing the end of summer but I am still full of whimsical ideas. In order to muster up some inspiration on a rainy day last week I thought I’d sit down in my studio and carve another stamp. I’ve already used the Speedball material, (that cute pink stuff you can get in the craft stores), and found that it was really easy to work with and fun! But I’ve been wanting to try to carve stamps out of rubber erasers because, a) I had some on hand, and b) it’s more economical and has the potential to be a recycling thing!


So I started with a simple doodle of a kite. I transferred the pencil drawing onto the eraser by positioning it over the stamp, face down, and burnishing to transfer some of the graphite onto the surface of the eraser. I went back over the transferred lines in pencil and there I had it, a kite on an eraser.

Next I simply used my carving tools (also available in your local craft store) to carve away the areas around my doodle to leave the kite in relief for stamping.

After I’d carved my kite into existence, I cut off any excess parts of eraser with an X-acto knife and saved the unused portions of eraser. These will make good little stamps later on.

I tested out my results! Well.. looks like a kite to me! Haha. I can see a couple of spots that will need a little more carving down or cleaning up in order to stay out of the stamped results.

I found that carving on rubber eraser (easy to get large ones in discount bins since it is Back To School season!) is nearly as easy as carving on the pink stuff. So get a couple of simple tools, hunt down your old and partially used erasers, and try your hand at stamp carving!

Keep Smiling!
– Jessanne S.

Gift Box Sets

Now that I’ve started I just can’t stop!


These are all matching and create a cute little set for giving more than one gift at a time, if you want to! These are sized for jewelry, makeup, knick knacks, or even perfume. I am going to make a pile more in different colors and styles. Because now that I’m started.. ;)

– an UpStartArtist

Homemade Gift Tags


I’ve been hacking and slicing, cropping and editing! The result is that I maybe, almost, just might have my Etsy shop ready to go soon! My gift tags will probably be the first thing I list in my shop and I think they’d be a good start. I’m still working on a few new leather earring designs that go along with my passions.. which is quite a task with all these ideas bubbling up in my brain. Much more to come in short order (I hope)!

Talk to you soon!


Gift Box Obsession, Intervention Please?!

I’ve been creating since my last post, I swear! But here’s the thing.. The ONE thing.. Gift boxes. Tons and tons of them, from teeny tiny boxes for those teeny tiny treasures up to about 4×4 inches or so.


It’s like having a creative block except I’m stuck in this loop like a skipping record that only plays gift box. Hah! All types, all colors, cupcakes, ribbons, patterns and solids. Folded, octagonal, slide top, lipstick case ones.. The list goes on and on!

The original idea was to make a couple of them for the leather fringe earrings I had made as birthday gifts for a couple of girlfriends of mine. I had a great success and the boxes really added that additional touch of homemade creativity to the whole experience. I want my creations to be completely mine, from the gift to all the wrapping.. Those little touches that take it all the way. The Full Monte of homemade gift giving!

BUT now I must have an intervention! I have all these boxes, hand created, each of them different and unique. Hundreds, no kidding. Six weeks of daily obsession! Art really can teach you a lot about yourself. So I have to move on, either stuff those things with my other creations (like jewelry or gift tags or magnets or anything!) or sell them.


So what do you think.. Would you buy these for your creations or to use as gift boxes to touch up the little things you give on special occasions? Wedding favors or birthday parties (Well, maybe not these exact ones. I sure do love being snarky!)? Send me your feedback and let me know if you’re as obsessed with boxes as I am!

P.S. Sorry about the cussing. ;)