It’s Owl Good


It’s Owl or Nothing! I’m having a temporary owl attack. The only way to cure my owlienation is to owllow all of you to have some too! Hehehe, check out these finds I dug up today! Mostly on Etsy, some handmade and fun Owl treats!

Link List:

1. Vintage Cast Iron OWL Lantern by LuckySevenVintage on Etsy, $40.00
2. Handmade Owl Backpack Green Polkadot by MaryLeeSonke on Etsy, $48.00
3. Vintage Woven Owl Trivet/Tray by studioVB on Etsy, $8.00
4. Wall Hook Bright Pink Owl /Ornate /CottageShabby by AquaXpressions, $14.99
5. Girls Acorn Owl Poncho Size 2 4 by MadhatterHatBoutique on Etsy, $80.00
6. Ceramic Vintage Lantern Owl Bright Yellow by modclay on Etsy, $45.00
7. Soft Felt Christmas Ornament Owl Decor Instant by OrdinaryMommy, $110.00
8. Jute Owl Wall Hanging by Dolls Of India
9. Short green macrame owl earrings by creationsmariposa on Etsy, $18.00


New Artful Blogging Magazine

New Artful Blogging Magazine!

I’m excited that I got my hands on the new Artful Blogging magazine. One of my most favorite



I’m so excited that yesterday I got my hands on the new “Artful Blogging” magazine, by Stampington & Company. Checkout to see more issues and even get the ones you missed!

In this issue my favorite artist and blogger, Ishtar Olivera, is inside! With all of her wonderful little creations, from stamp carving to miniatures and doll house creations it is hard to ever get bored looking at her work!

Just have a little peek!



Washi tape is a great addition to the art world. It’s easy to use, fun to apply, and full of potential. There’s a lot of washi tape art out there these days, but in my humble opinion, Ishtar Olivera does it with real flair and an inspiring touch.



So get your hands on the newest edition of Artful Blogging and soak up the inspiration inside. Without the artistic and creative inspiration inside magazines and art blogs none of my mornings (or afternoons!) would be quite as pleasant!